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Alexander Conway


Graphic and Communication Design – Level 1

Can you tell us a little bit about your background before you came to study here?

I studied at Solihull Sixth Form College. I did Maths, Graphics and Photography for A Levels.

At the start I was keen to maintain a few academic courses because I thought you needed subjects like chemistry and maths to get into these sort of universities. I’ve always been really artistic and at GCSE I was going to do art but then they introduced graphics. I picked to do graphics and I liked the idea of it being more commercial and having a bit more of a purpose in a way.

When I was looking at universities I started to shortlist by the top universities and looking at how they were ranked. Looking at the course structure for Graphic and Communication Design the contents of each module seemed really focused on my interests. I liked that I could customise it as well through the discovery modules.

What made you decide to come to Leeds rather than anywhere else?

When I came here for the applicant day I got to look in depth at what was going on here, what you would be doing and at the facilities. Out of the universities I visited, Leeds seemed to have the nicest facilities and the local area seemed really nice as well.

What sort of thing are you currently doing in first year?

In my main module we’ve been doing a poetry book cover design. We were given a fake company to design for and were given a list of ten poems. We chose four from the list and created a series from them. For this project we had to come up with some form of illustration, decide how we would arrange type on the front cover, and create the logo for the company.

Are you enjoying the projects you’re working on so far and has it been what you expected?

Yes, they have been really good. It’s pretty much been what I expected. On one hand you have the creative elements but then you also get the more academic and research side of things.

Do you enjoy the mix of creativity and academic study?

Yes, I think it’s good to maintain an academic ability as well as the practical things.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at the University of Leeds so far?

I’ve just enjoyed being able to be here. I’ve enjoyed being able to work on university level projects and being able to access all the things that University of Leeds has to offer.

What are you most excited about going forward?

Developing my skills and using my time here as a springboard to opportunities elsewhere.

How have you found moving to Leeds as a student?

It’s really nice, everything is within proximity. The thing about Leeds is that there is a lot of choice and it makes it accessible to any type of student. If you’re a nightlife type of person or quite quiet, then there’s something to cater for you.

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