Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures

School of Design


Student Profiles: Graphic and Communication Design

  • Alexander Conway

    Level 1

    "On one hand you have the creative elements but then you also get the more academic and research side of things."

  • Matthew Jackson

    Level 2

    "I looked at a few universities but I really liked Leeds because of it's mix of the academic and creative side of things. With this course there’s the idea that you are doing something to fulfil a purpose, it’s not just making for makings sake."

  • Charlotte Summers

    Level 4/Year in Industry

    " One of the things that attracted me to Leeds was all the electives and optional modules. I’ve done things like enterprise and marketing alongside my design practice. It’s been really nice to be able to think with a purpose and think about what I can do with this in a business setting."

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