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Wen-Hsin Feng


Fashion Marketing -Level 2 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background before coming to study here?

I studied at Sixth Form College in Oxford doing an International Baccalaureate programme. I studied subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Business. It wasn’t exactly in the design field. I took a gap year after that because originally I was going to go to medical school but I decided maybe that wasn’t the right path for me. In that year out I went to take classes in fashion design in Taiwan where I’m originally from.

I really liked the research into the design, the theory and history as opposed to the actual making of the garments. It made me want to explore more into fashion marketing and management. That’s why I started applying for this type of course.

Does the Fashion Marketing course satisfy your creative side as well as your interest in business?

Definitely, I think the Fashion Marketing course combines the two aspects perfectly.  We do a lot to do with business and marketing, a lot to do with branding and we learn a lot about the industry. However, we also use the information to apply it into design, so we would use it to design marketing materials and forecasting what sort of designs will be in trend.

What stood out to you about studying your course at Leeds University?

For a student who is studying a fashion or design subject in general, Leeds is quite an important city in the UK because of its textile history and its involvement in manufacturing. We have the M&S archive and all sorts of important historical databases based in Yorkshire.

What part of the course do you find most enjoyable?

Currently trend forecasting because of the research that goes into it but also because of the design outcomes you find in the end. I still have a year to go though so it could all change.

How has the course evolved from first year to second year?

In the first year we focused a lot on the basics of marketing. It was about the basic theories of business which I was quite familiar with from my previous study. In second year we have moved on to more design and industry specific things.

Are you thinking of doing the Year in Industry?

I’m definitely going to. Fashion marketing as a subject is quite industry orientated as opposed to other courses. I think in order to get a realistic understanding of the industry it would benefit us a lot to learn from the industry environment. I’d be most interested in trend forecasting companies likes WGSN but I’m also quite interested in marketing.

What makes Leeds a good city for a student?

It combines the benefits of being a big city but being very concentrated. You have all you need in quite a small concentrated city centre and it’s convenient for a student. It has a lot of entertainment too.



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