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Sophie Prentice


Fashion Marketing – Level 4 /Year in Industry


Can you tell us a little bit about your background before coming to study here?

I did a bit of a random choice of A Levels, I was studying Maths, Physics, Economics and Textiles. Originally I was looking into doing design but when I was researching I came across the Fashion Marketing course and I felt that suited my interests more. It’s that balance between academic and creative which is why I chose it.

Why Leeds rather than anywhere else?

I knew as soon as I came to Leeds that it was the place for me, I got that feeling that everyone talks about. The course was my favourite by far when I was reading about them on the internet, so when I came to visit I was hoping it would live up to what I wanted it to be.

As soon as I got here I just knew. I loved the place, the teaching staff were lovely and the talks about the courses were really interesting. What I really liked as well was that the School of Design was at the centre of the university. In a lot of other universities that I visited the design or fashion modules were always across the road or down the road from everything else.

What sort of thing are you currently doing in your final year of study?

I’m really enjoying my final year at Leeds and can’t believe how fast it is going. This year I’m writing my dissertation and also working on my fashion marketing major project, which is a large research project that involves designing and marketing an innovative concept for a fashion product or service. Next semester I’m also completing my optional module in fashion styling and photography which I’m really looking forward to.

Final year does feel like quite a big jump from first and second year, mainly because you are required to work a lot more independently. However, it does allow you to be very creative and also regular meetings with your tutor make sure you are always taking your work in the right direction.

What’s been your favourite part about the course?

I absolutely loved my year out, it was really good experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Year in Industry experience

Where did you go for your Year in Industry placement?

I went to LK Bennet in Shoreditch, London. I worked in their PR and Marketing department for just over ten months and then did six weeks in the E-commerce department. In the PR team I did a lot of send outs and working with journalists and stylists. I got to help out on the press day, launch events for their collaboration with Bionda Castana as well as a lot of Instagram photoshoots and website photoshoots.

On the e-commerce side I was working a lot on the social media, designing and creating posts for that, writing creative briefs for emails, writing creative briefs for inspirational content on the website and also helping out with photoshoots.

How has taking the Year in Industry changed how you work now you are back and in your final year of study?

It has made me grow in confidence. I think that’s one of the biggest things I got from it. I’ve always been quite quiet but this really brought me out of my shell. Because PR has a lot of tight deadlines it really forces you to be thrown in at the deep and communication is key. I did a lot of writing for creative briefs and I’ve got a lot better at communication.

Also, my general knowledge about the fashion industry has improved. There were a lot of bloggers and journalists who write for major publications that I hadn’t heard of before. I now know about them and when people mention things at university I think, ‘Oh I know what that is.’

It’s also shown me the kind of thing I would like to do and the kind of thing I wouldn’t want to do in the future.


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