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Joe Hunt

Fashion Marketing -Level One 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background before you came to study here?

At A Level I studied English Literature, English Language and Media. I had already done Art and Design at GCSE but then went more into the writing side of things at A Level.

I still wanted to go into something creative but wanted something with an academic background to it. That’s why I ultimately wanted to study at Leeds. I knew that the School of Design and the course was extremely creative but also had that element of academic study as well. The balance was really nice.

I did a work internship at JD Williams a couple of years ago in buying, merchandising and creative publications. That was my instant warmth to the fashion industry. After my placement there I thought it was definitely an industry I want to go into and something that I wanted to study.

What stood out about the Fashion Marketing course here?

Definitely one of the main factors was the university itself. It’s a campus university but it’s in the city centre, I definitely like that.  Also because the university is part of the Russell Group I knew that there would be a lot of research on the course and it would look credible on my CV.

What’s been the most enjoyable part of the course so far for you?

It might sounds cliché but it’s been the people. They’ve made it really because everyone has a lot of different ideas about design, fashion and marketing. It’s really interesting to see different people’s views and get together to discuss ideas.

 What are you most excited about going forward in the course?

I’m excited for the opportunities that are available on the course. Definitely at level two it seems that there’s a lot more independence and you can choose what you want to study. I’m very interested in looking at different brands, how they work and comparing them. I feel that as the course progresses I will be able to look into that area of interest a lot more.

What do you think Leeds is like to live in as a student?

The student population is so big and it’s very welcoming and everywhere you look there are students about so you’re never alone. There are always things going on, it’s a really dynamic city with loads to choose from. It’s really easy to get settled in and get your teeth stuck into it.


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