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Jonathan Teasdale

Fashion Design – Level 2


Can you tell us a little bit about your background before coming to Leeds?

I did Fine Art at A Level however, I always knew I wanted to go into some form of design because I’m interested in business and retail, as well as the art side of things. Fashion seemed the most appropriate for me. It was something that I’d been passionate about for a long time.

What attracted you to study Fashion Design here rather than anywhere else?

When I came to the open day I felt really connected to the people that I was speaking to and to the course leaders. It seemed a really focused course on getting you experience and getting you into industry, which is something that I think is particularly important in creative subjects. It had a really nice collaborative atmosphere, it didn’t seem too competitive and there was a really positive feel.

Now that you’re here, has it lived up to your expectations?

It’s exceeded my expectations. It’s completely what I expected it to be and more. I’m so glad that I came here over anywhere else.

What’s been the most enjoyable part for you so far?

There’s loads of things. I really enjoy the support we get with the technical side of fashion. I didn’t come from a sewing background and that’s something that I was really conscious about coming into it. The support from the tutors in garment tech has really helped and I’ve enjoyed seeing my progression in that.

There’s also been so many opportunities that I’ve had as a fashion rep. I’ve been to The Fashion Awards and been part of fashion shows for the graduates. It makes it a really nice, well-rounded experience.

What kind of projects are you doing in second year?

We’re doing a sportswear inspired project at the moment which intertwines design and garment tech. That’s something that I’ve grown to love. I’ve never really had much of an interest in sportswear and when we started I really struggled to get on with it, but going into it I’ve really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. We’re making the things that we are designing, which I’m enjoying more about second year.

How has second year compared to your first year of study?

It’s definitely a step up in terms of workload and what’s expected of you. I think that first year guides you and gives you all the support you need, then you have the summer and you reflect on it. I’ve come back stronger and much more focused on what I want from this degree.  It’s also good that we now cross over design and garment making.

What are you most looking forward to going forward with the course?

I’m looking forward to making more things and developing a final production in third year. We’re getting the opportunities to do it now but I think in third year we’ll have even more of an opportunity to put a personal stamp on our clothes.

Hopefully I will be doing the Year in Industry next year. The support we’ve had with that has amazing. We’ve had compulsory lectures that we attend about the Year in Industry programme and it’s been great at explaining all the processes.

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