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Momo Takeuchi


Art and Design – Level 3

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself before coming to Leeds?

After graduating from secondary school in Japan I came here to study a language course.  The foundation course provided not only English and language courses, but also design related modules. From that I decided to find out more about the Art and Design programme.

I actually came here to study History of Art but because of the experiences I had on the foundation course, I decided to come here to study Art and Design.

What was it specifically about the course here that made you choose to come to Leeds?

I think the best characteristic of Art and Design is that you can study both the fine art and design side of things. I also really liked the studio practice aspect and being able to create my own artwork. I can express my own art, in my own way and it’s great to do it in my own style.

The modules seemed really interesting and I liked that there are discovery modules such as colour science.

What kind of work are you doing at the moment?

At the moment I’m doing media installations. Studying outside of Japan, I can now see my home country from a third person point of view. This has really influenced me to do my own artwork which focuses on the female position within the Japanese society. If I’d stayed in Japan I might not have realised the situation there, but I now get to look from the outside in.

How does third year compare to second and first year?

The number of modules decreases over each year but the amount of responsibility seems to increase. I have less modules now and more free time but I need to go and do my own work in this spare time. The work is really independent and time management is really important.

What topic are you doing your dissertation on and how are you finding it?

It’s a difficult task for me but my supervisor is really helpful. Whenever I have questions I can ask her for help, and even when I have difficulties I feel that I can always find a way to move forward. The topic that I have chosen is really interesting for me, it’s in a very similar field to the focus of my artwork.

Do you think that Leeds is a good city for international students?

Yes, it’s a great place for students. There are lots of students here and the city has great shopping.

University of Leeds itself is really welcoming to everybody not just international students. The Student Service Centre is really supportive and are a great help.

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