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The School of Design carries out research in three interconnected and interdisciplinary areas that encompass aesthetic and function dimensions of design. These areas are Design, Technology, and Practice as Research; within these research areas there are seven research groups.

At the heart of the School’s research strategy is the linkage of creativity and innovation leading to the active exploitation of new ideas and understanding. Central to the delivery of this strategy is the integration of different design and technology approaches within each research group and the collaboration of researchers from multiple disciplines within existing research groups as well as with researchers in other schools (including Leeds University Business School, The School of Physics and Astronomy, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Chemistry, Institute of Communications Studies, and the Astbury Centre of Structural Molecular Biology) and leading researchers throughout the world.

Alongside fundamental research, the school is committed to solving real world problems through the use of advanced technologies, design thinking, and creativity, and by linking these in a meaningful way; our researchers work extensively with industry to ensure our research brings the highest tangible impact to society and culture. Using this approach we attract international attention to our work, secure substantial research funding from industry and commerce as well as academic and governmental organisations and receive invitations to participate in national and international forums.

The School of Design’s research portfolio encompasses both creative and technical aspects of design, led by experienced research academics. For information about the School’s supervision expertise, please see Academic Staff profiles.

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