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MA Design Future Society: additional information

Course Leaders

University of Leeds, School of Design: Mr Mike Sheedy, m.t.sheedy@leeds.ac.uk
Hochschule Mannheim: Prof. K. Beiderwellen,  k.beiderwellen@hs-mannheim.de

Exam board arrangements

Modules taken in Leeds will be marked in Leeds and modules taken in Mannheim will be marked in Mannheim: however, following local approval of marks they will be considered at a joint examination board.  A Joint assessment and award board will be convened in October for the ratification of marks and the award of degrees. Course leaders from both Universities, or their delegates, module staff, and an external examiner will all participate.

Complaints and appeals

Student appeals and complaints will be made via the formal procedures in place at the university in which you are studying.  Complaints that relate to the joint management of the programme will initially be considered by the Joint Programme Committee. Appeals relating to the Joint Programme will be referred to the Leeds Committee on Applications or to the Mannheim Studies Rector. This will be dependent on where the appeal originates

You can find additional information on this programme in the MA Design Future Society handbook.

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