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Rachael McGlynn

MA Design

Why did you decide to study at the School of Design and what made you pick MA Design?

“I selected the University of Leeds to complete a Masters in Design as I felt this particular course would offer me unique opportunities in the career path of my choice. I had an undergraduate Product Design degree, and wanted to broaden my knowledge of design.

Which aspects of the course did you enjoy the most?

The flexible way in which the programme was structured enabled me to adapt the course around what I wanted to achieve. A choice of modules allowed me to cultivate my understanding of design, whilst the negotiated product gave me the opportunity to apply these skills into a project of my choice.

With such a diverse range of specialists available to me, I was able to gain insight into the different forms of design. I also enjoyed working closely with other students from different backgrounds sharing ideas and good practice. The tutors’ in-depth expertise in design methodologies became a major influence in my design projects.

The wealth of resources and combined expertise at the University of Leeds helped fully develop my approach to research and its realisation in producing better outcomes in my work.

The University is frequently approached by businesses to develop solutions or to carry out research that create positive impacts. Students are able to apply their skills in developing these projects as part of the work they are undertaking.

How did studying MA Design at the School of Design impact on your career?
When Business Against Crime in Leeds (BACIL) approached the University to produce a design to stop city centre crime, I immediately adopted this opportunity as my final negotiated project. I designed a Radio Frequency system and wristband, to reduce the increasing numbers of mobile phone crimes against students within entertainment venues. The project presented me with many challenges, however with the continuous support from the University and my tutors I was able to successfully complete the project.

It was presented to the 300 or so members of BACIL and thankfully very well received. Consequently, I was offered the prospect of working with BACIL on a full-time (paid!) basis to mitigate crime within the city. This opening has given me the chance to take my concept to reality and apply all I have learned. I am currently in the process of creating the system, working alongside skilled professionals, and it will be trialed in student clubs around Leeds in the near future. None of this would have been possible without the support, contacts and networking opportunities offered to me through the University of Leeds MA Design Course.”

Rachael McGlynn
Product Designer
MA Design

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