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Yu Chun Huang

Research Interests

The origin, classification and evolution of paper cutting

The aim of the study is about how a traditional art has been evolving in modern times. In this place paper cutting craft is chosen as the subject in terms of minimal style and can be found in countries across the world. In order to narrow the scale, the research area is focused on China, where the craft is originated. The folk art has been developing over three thousands years and generating in numbers of styles according to geographic reason. Inevitably every ancient art would face difficulties of preserving and adjusting. In this case the research attempts to discover the situation paper cutting craft encounters.

During the study three aspects have been highlighted, which are historical background from Chinese culture, the distinguished art features between provinces and the form it transforms nowadays. The study uses qualitative research method, measures are taken include finding theoretical references, interviewing local artists and paper cutting museums, choosing regional representatives (styles and artists) and searching the craft in modern design as case study.

The thesis gives an elaborate classification and attempts to make the knowledge appealing to new generation. Also, analysing background story of art innovation in different provinces provides examples of redesigning old arts, which may be advisable to other traditional industry.

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

Dr Thomas

PhD Thesis

The origin, classification and evolution of paper cutting

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