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Shang Shi

PhD Research Student

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

Meaning Centered Design


Research Centres & Groups

Visual Communications

PhD Thesis

Provisional title of thesis: The semiotics of luxury mobility in Chinese culture and the implications for design and branding of international corporations

British luxury automotive corporations (ILA) have not, as yet, fully grasped the cultural preferences of Chinese consumer. Branding is an inescapable part of modern design, consumption, global markets and indeed culture. It creates and sustains competitive advantages for firms, and finally delivers the profits. This research is conducted by understanding the cultural meaning of “luxury mobility” in China via semiotics. The research objectives are to investigate this phenomenon from a semiotic perspective and explain how the cultural meanings of “luxury mobility” and consumer preferences of automobiles are connected in China. This research choose semiotics as main analysis method as the emergent role of semiotics, a study of sign, in design and branding field. This research will identify the syntagmatic structure of mobility and effective paradigm of luxury artefacts associated with mobility in China through semiotics analysis. Finally the research will develop the semiotics-based theoretical framework and practical guidelines for the design and branding strategies of ILA corporations who are seeking to either break into, or improve their existing position, in Chinese automotive market.

Professional Practice

-Graphic Design
-Web Design




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