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Maria Georgoula

PhD (Leeds) MSc (Leeds) BSc (Athens)


I have studied Print and Media Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (A.T.E.I.).  After my degree, I worked in industry as graphic designer and technician for software and large format digital printing. Few years later, my passion for colour leaded me in continuing my studies at the University of Leeds. Firstly, by completing my Master in Colour and Imaging Science and currently being occupied with my PhD research. At the same time, I engaged with demonstrating Adobe Design software within the School of Design.

Research Interests

Colour discrimination

Colour difference formulae and appearance models

Imaging science

Cross-media colour reproduction

Colour management


Module Assistant for Digital Design Skills

Demonstrator and Tutorial Assistant for Fundamentals of Imaging

Research Projects & Grants

Palmer Award from The Colour Group (UK) in May 2011

Scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation in Greece for Postgraduate Studies in UK 2009, 2011, 2012

Oral Paper in AIC 2011 in Zurich entitled “The impact of luminance level on the assessments of colour appearance and difference”

Poster Paper in AIC 2013 in Newcastle entitled “Cross-media Colour Reproduction in Mobile Devices”

Research Centres & Groups

Colour Imaging, Graphics and Appearance Management

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

Dr. Vien Cheung and Prof. Ronnier Luo

PhD Thesis

Colour management methods for successful cross-media reproduction

Mobile devices’ usage is constantly increased for applications that would never have being thought of in the past. Online shopping, printing on the go and others are employed daily for personal and professional purposes. However, successful cross-media reproduction is not always achieved. Colour management for accurate colour reproduction amongst various media is already applied successfully in many applications. There is a need though to improve the performance of mobile devices, to identify and quantify the parametric effects on their colour appearance. Colour appearance has been studied extensively by many researchers using desktop displays; while mobile devices have not been studied at the same extent. It is suggested that colour appearance models such as the CIECAM02; recommended by CIE for colour management; to be verified by using small sized displays and dynamic luminance levels as the ones applied when mobile devices are used.



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