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School of Design


Les Johnson

Technician, Health and Safety Supervisor

0113 343 3702



Les Johnson is currently a technician in the School. His academic qualification is in the Chemistry area where he obtained the degree of “Graduate of the Royal Society of Chemistry” and is now a member of this organization, MRSC and he holds the professional designation of chartered chemist, CChem. His main work is in the area of analysis and characterization of materials.

He is also the Health and Safety Supervisor for the School of Design.

Research Interests

Material characterization and chemical analysis, making use of the newly purchased Thermal Analysis and FTIR spectroscopy instruments. Polymer melt spinning and processing and understanding how these affect the final product.


Journal articles

  • Blackburn RS, Zhao X, Farrington D, Johnson L (2006) “Effect of D-isomer concentration on the coloration properties of poly(lactic acid)”, Dyes and Pigments. 70.3: 251-258.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2005.05.011

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