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Kenneth Hay

Chair of Contemporary Art Practice

BA (Leeds) MA (Wales) PhD (Wales)


Professor Kenneth G. Hay BA, MA, PhD, FRSA, is Chair of Contemporary Art Practice and Deputy Head of School, in the School of Design. As an artist he works in the fields of painting, photography, print, digital imagery, video, sound and multimedia. As an academic his research interests are in Italian art and philosophical aesthetics, art practice as research, modernism and postmodernism, architecture history and theory, Cubism, Cyberspace, European Art from 1900, and the contemporary world art. He exhibits regularly in the UK and abroad, most recently in Taiwan (January 2007), and the Hope Gallery London (July 2006), work dealing with global tourism, European integration and the EU.

Other recent shows include: “RADAR Infopoint” at the Italia Telecom Future Centre, San Salvador, Rialto, Venice (Sept 2004); in the Galeria ” Pryzmat, Cracow, Poland (July 2004), in London, as part of the “Deptford X” (“Altered States”, June 2004); and simultaneously in Bradford Cartwright Hall and the Brno Gallery, Czech Republic (“Hibrida”, May-June 2005). A photographic commission, “CityLights” for Cracow Public Transport opened in Cracow on Sunday 15th May 2005, followed by a new exhibition of Digital Prints in the Gallery Camelot, Cracow, Poland (June 2005). His video “Miracle” was selected for the “Olympic One Minutes” promotional DVD for the 2008 Olympics in China (July 2005). In January – March 2007 a major retrospective of digital film and photographic work was exhibited in the Art Centre, National Cheng Kung University,Tainan, Taiwan. Solo shows in 2007 include exhibitions in Brno and Malta (forthcoming).

In June 2003 he participated in the 50th Venice Biennale as one of five UK artists selected to represent the UK in the “RADAR Project – Connecting Europe”, at the Centro Civico, Giudecca, Venice (June 2003). The catalogue for this was published in Venice by Marsilio Editori (November 2005). A recent book: “Thinking through Art: reflections on art as research ” (edited by Katy MacLeod and Lin Holdridge): containing his chapter on “Concrete abstractions”, published in the UK in September 2005, has just appeared in Czech, together with an additional chapter on Studio Practice Ph.Ds, published by the Masaryk University, Brno (2007). Two catalogues of his work from 2002-2007 have been published in September 2007.

Research Interests

Painting, photography, print, digital imagery, video, sound and multimedia. Italian art and philosophical aesthetics, art practice-as-research, modernism and postmodernism, architecture history and theory, Cubism, Cyberspace, European Art from 1900, and the contemporary world art. A selection of publications and exhibitions from the past three years is listed below.



  • Hay KG, Molloy J (2012) Ian Wieczorek: Fragments. Leeds: The Moorland Press.

  • Hay KG (2012) Vahag Hamalbashyan: Before and After - New works from Armenia. Leeds: The Moorland Press. (In preparation)

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Journal articles

  • Hay KG (2004) “Appraising Determinate Abstractions: A Matter of Taste?”, None. 4: 14-17.

  • Hay KG (2002) “Concrete Abstractions: A Della Volpean perspective on studio practice as research”, Journal of Visual Art Practice McLeod K (eds.). : 64-77.
    DOI: 10.1386/jvap.2.1and2.64


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  • Hay KG (1999) “Generic Specificity and the Problem of Translation in Della Volpe: with an Afterword on John Huston's 'The Dead'.”, In: Hoek L; Voogd PD (eds.) Text and Visuality - Word & Image Interactions 3. Textext Studies in Comparative Literature 22/Word & Image Interactions. Amsterdam: Rodopi, Amsterdam and Atlanta, GA. 295-307

  • Hay KG (1996) “Picturing Readings: Della Volpe and Lessing”, In: Worton M (eds.) Paragraph: Painting and Narrative. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 272-285

Conference papers

  • Hay KG (2012) Two Cultures Still? Reflections on the methodologies of the Arts and Sciences. Ljubljana kolokvij - obvestilo Proceedings: Glasnik UP ZRS Koper, SLovenia: Slovenian Association of Aesthetics. 17.4: 1-48.

  • Hay KG (2010) Appraising Artworks as research: A Matter of Taste?. On Making: Integrated Approaches to Practice-Led Research in Art & Design Proceedings: Yes, 2010 Johannesburg, South Africa: University of Johannesburg Press.

  • Hay KG (2004) Epistemology and Art Practice - Paper for 'Brilliant'. Brilliant! ELIA Annual Conference 2004 Proceedings: Brilliant! - Cluj Napoca, Romania Brilliant! - Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  • Hay KG (2001) Globalizing Art History and Design.

  • Hay KG (2001) The Enactment of Thinking: A Della Volpean perspective on practice-based PhDs at Leeds.

  • Hay KG (2000) Betrando Spaventa and Italian Hegeliansim. Proceedings: Seventh Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas, "Approaching a new Millennium: Lessons from the Past - Prospects for the Future University of Bergen, Norway, 2000.

Internet publications

  • Hay KG The Frozen Academy.


  • Hay KG, Danek J, Rosboril B "Hommage à K.G.Hay". Performance, projection 12/03/2011


  • Hay KG Larroque Arts Fest: International Contemporary Art in A rural setting. (Submitted)

  • Hay KG 2010 International Incheon Art Fair, Korea.

  • Hay KG Moorland Productions in Sofia.

  • Hay KG Larroque International Film Festival: Art & Installation.

  • Hay K, Seetha A, Briffa, Vince Watch!.

  • Hay KG St Boleslav's Pilgrimage.

  • Hay KG, A S Available Art.

  • Hay KG Hibrida (part 4).

  • Hay KG Mallorca Trans Local Meeting.

  • Hay KG City Lights.

  • Hay KG, Viader-Knowles R, Tonoyan M The Neighbours Project.

  • Hay KG 'Control Mechanisms' - Moorland Productions Exhibitions (2008-2013).

  • Hay KG Translocalism 2010-2013.

  • Hay KG The Frozen Academy (2008-2013).

  • Hay KG, A S Hibrida.

  • Hay KG Hibrida (part 2).

  • Hay KG Hibrida II.

  • Hay KG Moorland Productions in Taiwan.

  • Hay KG "Untitled" 7 minute Video.

  • Hay KG Ken Hay: Visual/Verbal 1975-2000, (Retrospective Exhibition).

  • Hay KG, Seetha A 6th Busan International Environment Art Festival, Korea..

  • Hay KG "No 1" - Exhibition of Leeds University Fine Art Students' Work.

  • Hay KG Museum Magogo Part Two.

  • Hay KG Water Tower Arts Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Hay KG, Danek J Art au Lieu Sauvage - Art in the Wilderness - 'Tramping'.

  • Hay KG, Danek J, A S @708 Beats.

  • Hay KG, A S RADAR Connecting Europe: Athens, Cracow, Lewisham, Plovdiv, Venezia, Weimar.

  • Hay KG, Danek J @708 Beats, London.

  • Hay KG The Gyumri Biennal.

  • Hay KG Artisterium: 5th Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events. 'The Protest that Never Ends'.

  • Hay KG, A S RADAR in Cracow.

  • Hay KG Kenneth Hay - "Control Mechanisms: Moorland Productions" exhibition.

  • Hay KG Absences - Digital prints and sound installation on the Highland Clearances.

  • Hay KG Control Mechanisms.

  • Hay KG "Control Mechanisms: Moorland Productions Exhibition.

  • Hay KG The Frozen Academy/Moorland Productions. (In preparation)

  • Hay KG, Danek J Something About to Happen....

  • Hay KG Samkura Forum, Yerevan, Armenia..

  • Hay KG "ONE SHOT" Film Festival, Yervan, Armenia.

  • Hay KG Hibrida (part 3).

  • Hay KG Exhibition of new Digital Work, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • Hay KG, A S RADAR - Connecting Europe (Venice Biennale Exhibition).

  • Hay KG, Danek, Josef, Petiskova, Teresa, A S Signal-08.

  • Orton L, Hay KG, Bravo C Ken Hay: Visual/Verbal 1975-2000 (Catalogue).

  • Hay KG, A S RADAR Infopoint - (Italia Future Telecom Centre).

  • Hay KG, A S Collective Contemporary Arts.


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  • Hay KG (2001) Video and Education through Art. Masaryk University,Brno.


  • Hay KG (1996) Blowing Up the Bard - Public Digital Murals, Glasgow and Kilmarnock.. Poster: Public Billboards, Kilmarnock and Glasgow, Documentation in catalogue.

Scholarly editions

  • Hay KG, Havlicek, Jiri, Horácek, Radek, Zálesak, Jan (2008) Verejnost a Kouzlo Vizuality: Rozvoj Teoretickych základu vytvarné vychovy a otázky kulturního vzdeláváni. Masaryk University Press.


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