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Edel Moore

Lecturer in Marketing; MA Global Fashion Management Programme Leader

0113 343 3743

Clothworkers' Building South, Room 2.11

MSc. Marketing. BA Business Studies

Research Interests

Through my work as a marketing lecturer in the School of Design, University of Leeds, I have become increasingly interested in the application of cognitive neuroscience to explore and understand design and/or business processes. I am particularly interested in experimental psychology research in the study of neuroaesthetics and also in the study of addiction. Neuroaesthetics from the perspective of creator and viewer perceptions processes and links between the study of innovation and creativity. Compulsive behaviour with regard to retail and buying tendencies in particular focusing on the behavioural design, habits, addictions, and decision-making in real-life situations.

My research output and conference presentations to date have focused upon pedagogical issues relating to the merging of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and I am particularly interested in the overlap between marketing and design thinking for entrepreneurship, innovation and creative outputs. In my BMAF funded study “Beyond the Boundaries of the Business School” I conducted research with the D-School – Stanford University, Design London – Imperial College London, Queens University and CHEAD in order to investigate marketing pedagogy as conducted outside a business faculty.


Module Manager

DESN 2350 Marketing creativity and innovation
DESN3810 Integrated design marketing
DESN5306M Dissertation: Fashion Enterprise and Society

Teaching responsibilities
DESN3660 Dissertation
DESN5300M Fashion Marketing
DESN5308M Contextual project: Fashion Enterprise and Society
DESN5302M Cultural research methods


Marketing Lecturer. Programme Manager MA Global Fashion Management. Programme manager MA Fashion, Enterprise and Society 2011 -20115.


Journal articles

  • Shin MJ, Cassidy T, Moore EM (2015) “Design Reinvention for Culturally Influenced Textile Products: Focused on Traditional Korean Bojagi Textiles.”, Fashion Practice. 7.2: 175-198.
    DOI: 10.1080/17569370.2015.1045354, Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/89265/

  • Shin MJ, Westland S, Moore EM, Cheung TLV (2012) “Colour preferences for traditional Korean colours”, Journal of the International Colour Association. 9: 48-59.
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/76070/

  • Shin MJ, Cassidy T, Moore EM (2011) “cultural reinvention for traditional Korean Bojagi”, International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education Shin K (eds.). 4.3: 213-223.

  • Moore EM, Shin M, Cassidy T (2011) “Cultural Reinvention for Traditional Korean Bojagi”, International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education.

  • Moore EM (2007) “How to kill creativity - ten easy steps”, Journal of Industry and Higher Education. Creativity or conformity: Building cultures of creativity in higher education. Volume 21.Number 5: 337-343.

Conference papers

  • Moore EM, Blumenstein E, Graham G (2016) Seamless Fashion Retail in Iceland - The Omni Challenge. Colloquium on European Research in Retailing (Accepted)
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/99871/

  • Moore E (2010) Integrating creativity and innovation into pedagogical practice – business and design collaborations that cross discipline boundaries.. Creative Thinking: Re-imagining the university National University of Ireland Galway.

  • Moore EM, Shin MJ, Cassidy T (2009) Cultural reinvention: Design marketing for cultural textile products.. International Association of Societies of Design Research Coex, Seoul, Korea: Korea Society of Design Science.: 651-660.

  • Moore E (2009) Creativity and innovation: pedagogical collaborations that challenge discipline boundaries.. Enhancing curricula: Challenging the curriculum: exploring discipline boundaries in art, design and media Centre for learning & teaching in art & design.

  • Moore E (2009) Creative Marketing: marketing education outside its place. Academy of Marketing Conference 2009 : 208-208.

  • Moore E (2008) Marketing, Design and Entrepreneurship: Institutional Impediments to Interdisciplinary Synergy. Marketing Educators’ Association - Reaching New Heights in Marketing Education : 48-48.

Research Projects & Grants

2009 –   BMAF & AMP; HEA Teaching Grants    £2,500
2008 –   British Council/ UKERI             £60,000
2007/6 – TQEF                                £1,500

Research Centres & Groups

Member of the Experience Design Research Group

External Appointments

2016 – Academy of Marketing – Radical Marketing. Reviewer

2015 –  External examiner/ reviewer – London College of Fashion. MA Fashion Enterprise and Creation
2015  – Fulbright scholarship mentor
2010/13/14 – KEER the Japan Society of Kansei Engineering and Emotional Design (JSKE). – Reviewer
2010- Connected – International Conference on Design Education, Sydney. – Reviewer
2009- Marketing Educators’ Association, California. – Reviewer, Session chair
Membership – Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII)

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

Meong Jin Shin  – Cultural Reinvention                Supervisor     Awarded 2011

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