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Catherine Stones

Associate Professor in Graphic Design; Director of Research and Innovation

0113 34 36335

BA (Warwick) MA (Humberside) PhD (Leeds)

Dr Catherine Stones is an Associate Professor in Graphic Design teaching and researching in the area of information design and illustration. She is currently on an AHRC Design Fellowship working in the area of infographics for public health.


Dr Catherine Stones is an Associate Professor in Graphic Design. She teaches a variety of subjects including information design, digital design and visual communications in general. She is currently Programme Manager for the BA Hons Graphic Design and Visual Communication. She supervises PhD students working in the area of health communication and graphic design as well as projects related to participatory design and information design. She is an AHRC Design Fellow and is currently working on a year-long AHRC funded project with Public Health England about the use of infographics in engaging public audiences. She also has an interest in illustration and its use in the telling of personal narratives.

Research Interests

Catherine has a strong research interest in information design and healthcare. She has published a range of papers related to pain pictograms, pain diagrams and pain apps and has regularly collaborated with NHS staff and healthcare academics.

She is currently producing work in relation to infographics in the public health domain, examining how the public and public health professionals use and perceive infographics. This work is done in collaboration with Public Health England (Yorkshire and Humber) and local authorities and is funded through the AHRC. This project involves producing guidelines for infographic design and commissioning in this specialist area as well as academic outputs and a series of infographics.

Catherine is a regular reviewer for academic journals including Design Studies and Health Communication and conferences such as the International Information Visualisation Conference. She has also recently been a member on the Advisory panel for the AHRC project ‘Seeing Data’, a project related to evaluating the effectiveness of big data visualisations.

She is also author of the website http://www.visualisinghealth.com


Catherine Stones is year one tutor who delivers and designs much of the first year core content in graphic design. She reaches on level 1 modules:
Communication & Design Process
Graphic and Communication Media

Level 3:
Information Design (option module)
Graphic and Communication Media 3
Independent Project
Independent Study (Dissertation)



She is Programme Manager for the Graphic Design and Visual Communications BA Hons.
She is Deputy Director for Research and Innovation in the School.


Journal articles

  • Stones CM (2018) “Putting the ‘me’ in Mechanical: Lessons from the Mechanical Men of Health 1928-1948.”, Medical Humanities.
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Conference papers

  • Stones C, Gent M (2015) "If The Guardian can do it, we should be able to do it!" Examining Public Health Infographic Strategies used by Public Health Professionals. Design4Health 2015 Proceedings: Design4Health 2015 Proceedings (In preparation)
    Repository URL: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/87744/

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Internet publications

  • Stones CM (2005) Identifying, Categorising and Rationalising Digital Design Moves Made by Novice Graphic Designers. visual:design:scholarship: Journal of the Australian Graphic Design Association.

Research Projects & Grants

AHRC Design Fellowship Award. “Innovating Infographics” October 2014-October 2015.
Ignite Funded Project: “Seeking Belonging”. 2014.

Research Centres & Groups

She is a member of the Visual Communications Research group.

External Appointments

External examiner for the MA Design at the University of Chester.
External examiner at the University of Bradford, Faculty of Engineering and Informatics.

PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

She currently supervises 4 PhD students working in graphic design for healthcare, participatory design and information design.



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