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Ben Bradley

Teaching Fellow in Graphic Design

0113 343 6335


Ben Bradley is a teaching fellow on the BA (Hons) Graphic and Communication Design and the MA in Design and Advertising. His role as a teaching fellow is underpinned by extensive practice in commercial graphic design and research in specialist subject areas.

His research interests include generative design created using both analogue and digital systems, with algorithmic and randomisation processes. The practice involves physical, tactile interactions that produce generative outcomes. He is particularly interested in the tension between the analogue and the digital and the point where the two meet.

Ben continues his practice in graphic design along side his teaching commitments and maintains excellent working links with some of the principal north west design agencies. His freelance work involves design for a diverse range of media including print, screen and installation.


BA (Hons) Graphic and Communication Design
MA Design and Advertising

DESN2980 Design Application
DESN2989 Graphic & Comm Media B
DESN3989 Graphic & Communication Media C
DESN3660 Independent Study (Dissertation)
DESN3994 Independent Project


DESN2987 Digital Media (Web) 2A
DESN2988 Digital Media (Motion) 2B

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