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Andrea Thoma

Lecturer; BA Art and Design Programme Leader

0113 343 6922

Clothworkers' Building Central, Room G 78d

D.N.S.E.P. (Montpellier, France), PhD. Leeds.


Dr Thoma is a Lecturer in the area of Art and Design. She holds a postgraduate degree (Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique) and PhD; she has been awarded a fellowship as visiting scholar by the University of Minnesota (1988-89). She has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Minnesota, at Northern Illinois University, the Accademia di Brera in Milan, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, University of Chester and University of Nottingham. As a member of LAND2 she is involved in contributing to this research network of artists/lecturers and research students with an interest in landscape/place-oriented art practice.

Research Interests

Dr Thoma’s research interests are concerned with notions of place, identity and dwelling in a contemporary art context. She examines through painting, photography and video how the everyday allows for philosophical considerations regarding our being in the world. She is particularly interested in the juxtaposition of diverse media to reflect on aspects of image making. The phenomenological aspect of perception and its partaking in the cognitive process are a main driving force in the collation of visual material.

Over the past two decades she has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and the United States. Exhibitions include ‘Endlosschleife 2041’ at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (2014), ‘Thought Dwellings: In Situ’ at Lifton Place, Leeds (2013), ‘Curious’ at West Norwood Cemetery, London (2013), ‘Dialogue in Place: Volume II’ at Form and Content Gallery Minneapolis (2012), Group Exhibition project ‘European Identities – intercultural dialogue of women artists in Europe’, various exhibition venues in Germany, Italy and Spain (2010-11). ‘Provenienzen des Lichts’ at Inselgalerie Berlin (2007), ‘So near so far/ So nahe so fern’ at APT Gallery London (2008) and the Kunstverein Ebersberg, Germany (2007), ‘Land2 beyond landscape?’ at the RWA in Bristol (2005), ‘That which is near/ Das was nahe ist’ at the Representation of Baden-Württemberg at the EU in Bruxelles and at Only Atelier, Vienna (2004) and ‘Skylight Stillnight’ at Jack Olson Gallery, Northern Illinois University (2004).


Level Subject
Level 2Level3 Studio Practice 2A (module leader)
Studio Practice 2B Studio Practice 3A Studio Practice 3B (module leader)Time and the Image in Contemporary Art (optional) 

Optional modules


Programme Manager Art and Design



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PhD & Postdoctoral Supervision

I welcome practice based PhD applications dealing with the following topics:
– Time and Image in Contemporary Art
– Place, Dwelling and the Nomadic
– Abstraction and Minimalism

PhD Thesis

Thought Dwellings – time and space in painting, photography and video

The practical and theoretical research of this PhD examines the complexities of time-space relations in painting, photography and video. The aim of this study has been to develop a body of work that generates an increased awareness of how the juxtaposition of diverse fine art media can contribute to a differentiated appreciation of the time-space relation. Further objectives were to explore how the dichotomy of absence (of figuration) and presence (of figurative elements) can inform reflections on place relating to Martin Heidegger’s ‘Dasein’ as being-in-the-world and Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s ‘nomadic’ perception within ‘smooth’ and ‘striated’ space. Drawing from Henri Bergson’s concept of ‘duration as multiplicity’ as an oscillation between presence (actual) and absence (virtual), this study, whilst acknowledging Bergson’s critique of spatializing time, considers opportunities within contemporary fine art practice to develop a spatial configuration involving multiple coexisting durations.

Thought Dwellings, initially the title for a body of paintings and photographs (1998) concerned with place, later (since 2003) also began to incorporate video, thus enabling a triangulation of painting, photography and video to consider movement and stillness across all these categories.

I propose a new terrain where the either/or/and of photography/painting, photography/video or painting/video becomes this as well as that of painting/photography/video allowing — whilst upholding medium-specificity — the physicality of painting to inform the technologies of lens-based media to arrive at a differentiated time-space relation.

These practical concerns are supported by theoretical explorations involving place and dwelling, medium-specificity in a ‘post-medium’ age, minimalism, phenomenology and time-space relations. Within Deleuzian ‘becoming’, as coexistence of difference rather than dialectics of either/or; Jacques Derrida’s différance and Bracha L. Ettinger’s ‘Matrix’ as coming together of ‘I and non-I’ to reflect the feminine — Thought Dwellings involves movement between images, an oscillation between presence and absence proposing an audio/visual spatialization of ‘duration as multiplicity’.



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