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Process 16: The WiFi Unicorn Theory

November 10th, 2016

The Process 2016 conference brought students an afternoon of insight into creativity and design processes, including a theory involving mythical creatures.

The event was organised by staff on the BA (Hons) Graphic and Communication Design course and saw seven industry experts take to the stage to pass on their pearls of wisdom, give insights into quirky processes and entrust their tops tips.

We’ve captured just a snippet of the conference – A lesson from Andrew Brown, Creative Director of Brass Agency, who explained his attitude towards the design process using a little bit of help from a pack of felt tips and a unicorn.


The WiFi Unicorn Theory of Creativity 

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Swooshy tail of playfulness 

From creating digital flotation tanks of Iron Bru with Abba pearing in, to reenacting movies with a cast of shellfish, having fun features heavily in the design process.

Magical trail of experimentation 

Whatever it is you like doing, just try and experiment with it. Just do lots of stupid things, for instance I made a banana which is hooked up to a computer which speaks if anyone touches it.

Zeitgeist antenna 

You need to be in touch with what’s going on around you. You have to feel what’s out there and understand what’s culturally around you at them moment.  As creative people you should be interested about what’s going on. Read, watch and explore everything you can.

Grin of audaciousness 

This one is simple. Don’t be scared to think big!

Swishy mane of self-belief

Sometimes you should forget what you’re supposed to be doing and think ‘what do I want to do?’ If you’ve always wanted to go on a Norwegian trawler, can you work it in somehow? You can come up with great ideas that way.

Thundering hooves of determination

Don’t be scared to stick to your guns and complete a project how you imagined it. Projects you do outside of university can be a great way to put your stamp on things in this way, whether it’s an invite for you mum or a poster for your friend’s club night.


Breathing heart of ‘you’

You all have your own personal superpowers, you need to discover what they are and tap into them.

You might be a good illustrator but there are loads of illustrators out there. You need to discover what makes you different in order to stand out. Think what else are you into?

If you like bikes, could you start doing illustrations on bikes to customise them and build a name for yourself that way?


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