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Jane Scott named as Autodesk ACADIA Emerging Research Award finalist

October 24th, 2016

Senior Teaching Fellow, Jane Scott’s design research, “Programmable Knitting” has been selected as one of  one of three finalists for the Autodesk ACADIA Emerging Research Award.

Jane’s PhD research uses biomimicry to inform the design of environmentally responsive, knitted textiles. This work re-examines the constituent components of knit fabrics to engineer smart behaviours without using electronics or smart synthetic materials.  These fabrics demonstrate the principles of programmable knitting.

Jane Scott, Programmable Knitting, University of Leeds, Knitting, School of Design

Shape change is integrated into the structure of a knitted fabric using the hierarchy of fibre yarn, knitted stitch and knitted structure.The programmable nature of the response illustrates the complexity achievable using knitted fabric construction.

Jane Scott, Programmable Knitting, Knitting, University of Leeds, School of Design

Jane’s research is currently on display (October 19th – November 4th 2016)as part of the POSTHUMAN FRONTIERS: Data, Designers and Cognitive Machines exhibition at Liberty Annex Gallery in Michigan, where she will also be presenting at the conference which runs alongside.



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