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Text, image, sound in place:

This exhibition showcases the collaborative practices of Judith Tucker, Harriet Tarlo, Linda Ingham and David Power.

Judith Tucker is senior lecturer in the School of Design and has a long-term collaborative practice with the poet Harriet Tarlo, reader in Creative Writing Sheffield Hallam University. Their work has been shown in galleries all over the UK and as far afield as USA and China but never before in the School of Design.

Linda Ingham is an artist and curator who has commissioned as well as worked alongside Tucker and Tarlo. David Power, the composer has extensive experience of collaboration with a variety of media and artists.


This exhibition will showcase their collaborative practices. All four will start by walking, writing, drawing and painting in the landscape observing, listening and recording. They will use the flat, coastal, post-industrial Lincolnshire landscape to inform two complementary bodies of work that invite us to consider how time, memory and place interrelate.

The culverts, bridges, warehouses and locks existing in various states of disrepair and dereliction along a canal waterway and the memorial appropriation of the coastal bench around which human, animal, bird and plant-life continues are foci. This work addresses questions of ecological importance through contemporary collaborative cross-disciplinary practice in poetry, music and fine art.

This exhibition will be held in the Foyer Gallery, Clothworkers Building Central.

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