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Talking Stone

Filippa Dobson Final PhD Show – Clothworkers Central

Talking Stone is an artist’s response to a Neolithic cup marked rock known as the ‘Badger Stone’ on Ilkley Moor. The Badger Stone is the catalyst that precipitates all movement between the studio and the moor, and between the different elements of her practice.

A conceptual form of map-making develops out of a line-making practice first by walking, then by printmaking and later by projection whilst performance extends the gestural activities of the original mark makers back into the landscape.

Talking Stone, Filippa Dobson, School of Design, PhD, Exhibition

As thinking through making uncovers a trajectory between image making and performance the dynamic processes of map-making and performance coalesce. A new form of ‘performance mapping’ evolves that reanimates the Stone, links the artist with her Neolithic ancestors and makes an ancient ritual space contemporary.

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