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Reading Place: Trevor Borg PhD Exhibition

This exhibition comprises sculptures, photographs, film, and other documentation. The work responds to aspects of places in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The context of the work has evolved from a consideration of selected places as potential sites for art practice. Deterritorialised matter constitutes place-stories; past and present find their intersection in matter. A number of strands emerge from the work primarily relating to territory/textuality/temporality. Evidently Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s notions of (re-) deterritorialisation are particularly significant. The work explores places, real and imaginary, and it allows for alternative readings of place.

Trevor Borg

Trevor Borg is a PhD student in both the Schools of Design and Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural studies, he is supervised by Judith Tucker (Design) and Diane Morgan (FAHACS).  He is also an artist and lecturer at the University of Malta.

You can view this exhibition in the Foyer Gallery, Clothworkers Building Central.

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