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Colour and pattern expressions in Textile Design

Textile designs are most often what can be described as an ‘interim design output’. That is to say, textiles are invariably used in the production and application of some other design process and resultant design output.

Colour, selection of motifs and repeating formats are the basis upon which textile designs are developed. At the core of the development of textile design is also an understanding of the contextual application(s) of the resultant textile design – how will the textile design be used in a fashion garment or interior application (contextual applications).

Flexibility for multiple interpretations of further design development and resultant application is one of the challenges a textile designer learns to build into their design process. Textile designers learn how to do this through analysis of a breadth of contextual applications and through analysis of past successful textile designs.

This exhibition aims to make clearer aspects of this design process.


You can view the exhibition in the Foyer Gallery, Clothworkers Building Central.


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