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A sculptor’s use of 3D printing: Gareth Griffiths

The exhibition showcases how Gareth Griffiths uses 3D printing within his practice as a sculptor and how this process might enhance his work.

Included in the exhibition is a series of 3D prints, screen prints, steel sculptures, a video of the process from start to finish. As a sculptor who works predominately in steel, he explores alternative ways to create prototypes. He uses a 3D printer to help him answer sculptural questions such as: Will a sculpture stand up? Is it proportional? How does it look?What colour would be appropriate?


Gareth Griffith, Sculpture, Leeds University, School of Design, Exhibition

Speaking about the exhibition Gareth writes:

“The experience of designing a sculpture in a 3D software allows me to create forms that I would not necessarily think of. This saves me many hours trying to create similar pieces out of steel. The experience of creating sculpture digitally is quite different from any physical interaction with steel. Being in the virtual world of 3D software presents me with endless possibilities where there are few limitations.”

Gareth Griffiths MRBS is a sculptor and also the School of Design technician. All the 3D printed work was made in the School workshop and it is hoped that students and staff will be motivated by this exhibition to explore the process further.

View this exhibition in the Foyer Gallery, Clothworkers Building Central

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