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Textile and Fashion Design Research Group

The Textile and Fashion Design Research group examine the many facets that make up the textile and fashion industries from packaging, branding and communications to developing the fashion product. We are transdisciplinary and our main aim is to promote and provide an expert knowledge database through research in all areas of textiles and fashion but especially in technology, sustainability, design, history, culture, business and ethics in the textiles and fashion industries.

Our objectives are:

The Textiles and Fashion Design Research group is home to the Yorkshire Fashion Archive, a collection of haute couture, fashion garments and everyday clothing and accessories. It provides a unique historical and cultural record of Yorkshire life and documents clothing produced, purchased and worn by Yorkshire folk throughout the 20th Century. The collection reflects changing social attitudes and influences, economic prosperity, global trends and the regional technical excellence in textiles and clothing over a 100 year period. Other examples of academic research being undertaken include:

PhD projects currently being undertaken with supervision from staff in the Textiles and Fashion Design Research Group include:

Dalia Kamal Ibrahim “Printed Hanging Textiles Design between Formalism and Technology”, lecturer at the Damietta University, Egypt – full-time funded through the Egyptian Commission.

Jasleen Khandhari “The value and role of Kanga in dress and cross cultural exchange” – full time, supported through University Research Scholarship.

Ana Munoz “Sustainable Design” – full time, supported through Brazil Government scholarship.


Key members of staff:

Pammi Sinha (Research Group Leader)

Tom Cassidy

Tang Tang

Bruce Carnie

Edel Moore

Phil Henry

Mark Sumner

Lindsey Taylor

Alice Dallabona

Liz Gaston

Jane Scott

Barbara Waters

David Backhouse

Lynne Webster

Elaine Evans

Eleanor Snare

Eun Suk Hur

Claire Watson

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