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Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

This section is relevant to staff that need to complete risk assessment. The university runs courses on risk assessment and any member of staff who needs training in completing risk assessment forms can receive it please contact Les Johnson who will be able to get details of these courses.

Individual risk assessments are needed for machines or processes that are potentially dangerous. We have identified a number of items in the School and over the past year completed these. But it is most important that any new dangerous item either purchased or built in house has a risk assessment carried out on it before it is used. Please complete the Risk Assessments Form.

Form and send it to the School Safety Supervisor. If there are any problems or quires filling out the form also please contact the School Safety Supervisor.

The University SAS has produced two documents that can be used in conjunction with the risk assessment form to help to identify what are the hazards involved in any process. These are Equipment Safety Checklist and Work Equipment Assessments.

Safe Operating Procedures

It is now a requirement that we have in place safe operating procedures, SOP, for all operations including those that have an individual risk assessment. This is a very simple form detailing where the item is or process take place, where the manuals are kept, how to operate in a basic safe way, what are the emergency procedures and what maintenance is carried out on the equipment.

Click here to download the Safe Operating Procedure Form.

Again help can be give if problems are encountered whilst filling this form out, please send the completed form to or contact School Safety Supervisor with any problems.

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