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Fire Safety

On Hearing the Fire Alarm

Evacuate the building by the shortest possible route. Do not use any lifts and report to the assembly point.

Assembly Point for School of Design: The grass by Education – Opposite the Union Building.

Fire wardens: When leaving the building check your area is clear and report to the fire officer or safety supervisor at the assembly point. They will then assign fire wardens to the school exits to stop re-entry.

Any return to the building is prohibited until the Chief Fire Officer, School Safety Supervisor or Security Staff declares it safe to do so.

If a fire is discovered

Common sense and discretion should be used on the discovery of a fire:

If a fire is very small and one is confident that it can be easily extinguished, the nearest appropriate fire extinguisher should be used.

Do not attempt to attack the fire if it is dangerous to do so, e.g. the risk of explosion; difficulty in breathing, your escape route is cut off, etc.

If this action has no immediate effect on the fire, raise the nearest fire alarm.

Activation of the alarm will contact security who will then contact the fire brigade. After activation of the alarm, security should then be called on 32222 with details of the fire. This information should include:

a) The exact location of the fire; b) The location of any trapped persons; c) The type of fire i.e. the fuel involved; d) Report any hazardous substance that may be involved.

Fire Extinguishers

If any fire extinguisher has been used, or you note that one of the plastic tags has been broken report this to the School Safety Supervisor, or the School Fire officer. Do not use a water extinguisher (red) on any electrical fire, burning liquids/chemicals (including petrol) or burning metals.

When using a CO2 (black) extinguisher, do not hold the horn, as this becomes very cold in operation and could impart low temperature burns. The Fire Wardens will check all fire extinguishers once a month on a rota basis. Any use of, or damage to, a fire extinguisher must be reported to the School Safety Supervisor. It is School policy to periodically carry out evacuation drills.

Everyone should make themselves aware of the safe routes out of the School. In the event of a fire, do not use the lift.


Everyone has a “duty to safety” whilst at work. Fire wardens have been trained to carry out specific tasks and to look out for signs of danger. But this does not stop anyone who is not a fire warden from being responsible.

Some important things to look out for are:

Training for Staff

If any of our staff want to become fire wardens please get in touch with Mike Anderson or the School Safety Supervisor.

It is the hope of the School of Design that all staff will want to train to become fire wardens. If not then for us to have as many fire wardens present as possible on our premises. Training for this is provided by the Safety Advisory Services of the University of Leeds, where 2 half day course give a full through instruction on all aspects of fire safety. After this training a short refresher course is all that is needed to maintain your status as a fire warden.

One very important thing to note is that the information and knowledge that you receive at this course is something which you can use in your private life as well. It could potentially be used to prevent any accidents for your family.

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