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Chemical Safety / COSHH

All substances that are harmful themselves or that can produce harmful derivatives i.e. during reactions, curing, processing or degradation in to gases, are governed by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, COSHH regulations. A full assessment must be made of the experiment including an assessment of all substances used or produced, prior to work commencing. Download the COSHH form for this.

When filling out the COSHH form please pay close attention to the sections on 1/ accidental spillage and 2/ waste disposal.

The best way to help to prevent accidents in the future is for us to full understand whey they occur in the first place. So we investigate every accident but also we investigate near misses as well in the hope of preventing a near miss from becoming an accident.

1/ Make sure you have the correct procedures in place for spillage control as stated on the MSDS before using the substance. If sand/vermiculite is recommended to contain any spillage it must be to hand and when used collected and then disposed off correctly.

2/ Before using any substance you must be fully aware of its hazards and therefore know how you are going to safely dispose of it. You must also be aware of any by products that may have formed either intentionally or by accident. Consult the MSDS information for instructions on how to dispose of these or research in to this before use.

Guidance on filling out this form can be received from Dr Richard Blackburn, Prof Stephen Burkinshaw, Dr Parik Goswami or Mr Les Johnson.

Finally the Health and Safety Executive have a very useful web site called COSHH essentials; the link to this is http://www.coshh-essentials.org.uk/.

This site allows you to generate a COSHH assessment online from the data that you input yourself; it is a very useful tool to try out.

Click here to view the Risk Phrases R, including combination R-phrases.

Click here to view the Safety Phrases S, including combination S-phrases.

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