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Accidents, Accident Reporting and First Aid

Accidents and near misses

Do not think that a particular accident or near miss is too small a thing to report, let us be the judge of this. Please just report every thing.

I can see why it is compulsory for us to report accidents but why do I have to report on near misses?

The best way to help to prevent accidents in the future is for us to full understand whey they occur in the first place. So we investigate every accident but also we investigate near misses as well in the hope of preventing a near miss from becoming an accident.

Accident reporting

So for the University and in particular our School it is imperative that all accidents and near misses are reported. To do this use the Accident Report Form. Copies of this form can also be found in the School General Office and with Les Johnson. Fill this in and return it to Azim Abadi or Les Johnson as soon as is possible.

The details are entered in to an online report system called Sentinel which is used University wide. This has replaced the old paper accident book which was compulsory before.


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